A great start to my next exciting artwork...."Lion Lovers"

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Now that my current commission work is completed, I can now concentrate on creating artwork for my next exhibition in June. It has been a while since I did a lion and I saw this image on Pinterest that appealed to me.

 Lion and lioness reference photo  

It is always of concern when I cannot find the photographer who took the reference photo - have searched through 50 or more Pinterest posts and using Google image search without success. If you know of any other way to find the original photograph please contact me!

In the meantime, I have flipped the image and am working on creating something that is unique, even if the reference photo is widely shared.

I have started in the top left hand corner ( to avoid smudging ) and built up from there using soft pastel and a range of pastel pencils on Artspectrum Colourfix paper - you can read more about the materials I use here....

Adding layers to the mane on the lion 

As you can see I have laid down a base layer and am now adding layers to the mane with a dark brown Cretacolour pastel pencil. In this next photo I have started adding the details of the mane using Cretacolour white - the best white pastel pencil I have discovered.....

The next photo shows me adding the details of the eye, having built up the layers of the face and mane. 


I hope you have found this of some interest and I will post the completed pastel painting in due course.....Enjoy your day and catch up soon....

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