A great way to show off pastel art technique and skills by using hyperlapse video!

Hedgehog pastel artwork artwork in progress Ivan Jones artist

It has been a busy week as I have been working on a commission that is a surprise Christmas gift for a lady who found me by searching "pastel artist" on Google. She had a commission done in previous years by a local pastel artist but could not contact her so found me! This is a glimpse of the work in progress.....

Vintage car, spitfire plane, commissioned artwork, Ivan Jones pastel artist

Now that this commission has been completed and sent by courier today to Suffolk, I can start on my next commission - a portrait of four young people. I am not yet sure whether it will turn out but I will keep you posted.....

But in the meantime, back to hyperlapse videos, the original subject of this post. As you may be aware I have a YouTube channel that displays a variety of "artwork in progress" videos that my wife Cathy has created over the years. 

You tube channel screenshot Ivan Jones pastel artist

She has struggled with Vegas "Movie Studio Platinum" as well as a variety of free video software package apps. The most viewed video she created was of me doing the Christmas Greyhound commission but even this is not very good.....

Christmas greyhound YouTube video Screenshot Ivan Jones pastel artist

Recently we have been aware of videos that showed artists at work, but sped up to cover hours in minutes. We did not know how this was achieved until we discovered the hyperlapse video setting on our mobile phone. Eureka! This is my first one  of a badger that is still waiting to be completed once I have completed my commission work.....

Early stages of badger artwork in progress Ivan Jones pastel artist

You tube video Ivan Jones pastel artist working on badger artwork

And so Cath can now record a complete video of my artwork creations - 25 hours in 25 minutes ( or less after editing). It has also been suggested that I do a voice over for the videos but we'll see.....So I am looking forward to sharing more "artwork in progress" videos with you soon....have a great day!


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