An "artwork in progress" series is added to Ivan Jones Art Instagram IGTV - "Macey" dog portrait commission

It is always tricky knowing what interests people when it comes to creating my pastel artworks. 

I have had good feedback from my IGTV series of a recent pet portrait "Macey" who was a commission for a local gamekeeper and his wife. You can see my posts here.....

Macey pet portrait commission Ivan Jones pastel artist  

Macey and owner Sue with portrait by Ivan Jones pastel artist

I decided that maybe it was time to do a full length video of the 25 hours it takes to complete one of my portraits and I chose Macey to do this with. 

If you can't access the full YouTube video below then you can access it here 

 The full description about this dog portrait commission is below so have a great day and catch up soon! 

Hello and hope all is well. At last, I get to share the full 25 hours of the creation of this commissioned portrait of "Macey".

I realise 25 minutes is a long time to watch a video, even a hyperlapse one, but you can easily fast forward, then backtrack if you see something that interests you.

This video shows my process step by step from the beginning. It includes:

1. laying down the layers while working from left top to bottom right

2. sharpening pencils ( usually in the left hand corner of the screen onto a cardboard shallow box )

3. blending with fingers and a soft paintbrush when necessary

4. turning the paper upside down to allow the pastel to drop off to stop smudging

5. using transparent film to rest my hand on to stop smudging while working

6. experimenting with colours on the edges of the paper and more......

As usual, I am using a selection of soft pastels ( Rembrandt and Artspectrum ) combined with a range of pastel pencils from Derwent ( soft ) as well Conte a Paris and Cretacolour ( harder ) I also have a selection of colours from Faber Castell.

The harder pencils sharpen better into a point for details while the softer ones work better for blending and filling in larger areas ( along with the soft pastel sticks ) The best true white I have found is made by Cretacolour, and I use this for whiskers and the details of white hairs.

Anyway once you have had a look at this video, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Have a great day and catch up soon 👍🎨😉😁

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