Delighted to be invited to be part of an exciting charity fashion event with my artworks

Ivan Jones pastel artist with stall Wigmore St James 2017

When my wife Cathy had treatment for breast cancer in 2011, an important part of her recovery involved sessions at the Breast Cancer Haven in Hereford. These sessions included massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, group discussions and other holistic therapies. You can find out more about the Haven on their website.

Photo of the Breast Cancer Haven in St Owen Street, Hereford

When I was President of the Knighton and District Rotary Club last year, I chose the Haven as one of my charities to support. We were delighted to be able to donate £500 to the charity and it was doubled by the UK government under the "Big Give" scheme.  

Cathy Jones, speaker Di Emmett from the Breast Cancer Haven, Ivan Jones Knighton Rotary

A week ago one of the fundraising team, Rachel, got in touch and invited me to display my artworks at their Blossom Fashion Show on April 5th. This show is in a sports hall and they have space for artisan stalls to be set up. I will have a table to show off my smaller original pastel artworks, prints ( mounted and unmounted ), greetings cards and mugs. 

Ivan Jones pastel artist stall at the Wigmore Show in 2017

The main aim for this event is to raise money for the Breast Cancer Haven in Hereford. I will pay for the stall and a percentage of any sales made on the night will also be donated to the charity. In addition, if I receive any commission work directly as a result of my presence at Blossom then I will donate a percentage of that to the Haven too. 

Wigmore show 2018 stall prints cards Ivan Jones pastel artist

I am proud to be able to support a charity that was such a big part of Cath's recovery and I feel priviliged to have been invited to take part in this exciting event. I hope to see you there, on April 5th in Hereford at The Point 4 leisure centre, Venns Lane, HR1 1DT. Looking forward to it! 


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