Delighted to receive a positive review from another happy customer

I am always pleased when I can make someone happy with my artworks and commissions. I have some lovely comments on my review page but I thought I'd share this special one with you. 

"A few years ago I commissioned Ivan to paint a picture of Ludlow’s Broad Street in the rain. My husband had indicated that he loved the way Ivan captured water glistening on paving slabs especially if there was artificial light playing on them as well.

So the idea was born in my mind. When I approached Ivan, he and his wife Cathy spent some time taking lots of different photos of the said road in different circumstances. We then had a meeting where we discussed the exact viewpoint, and more details.

Artistic licence was used, Ivan did not put in all the modern road signs. The way he portrayed the light from the shop windows reflecting off the wet pavements is marvellous.

I know having a picture of bad weather is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Ivan has captured it amazingly well. He has even created a wonderful stormy looking sky with the Church in the background. I was exceptionally pleased with the outcome, and my husband enjoyed his surprise birthday present.

It has pride of place on our sitting room wall. His talent of producing an almost photographic image using pastels is simply amazing. He seems able to do landscapes, characters and animals equally well, capturing the very essence of the subject matter."

And this is the said commission above......thank you so much Gill for such lovely feedback - it is very much appreciated! Another happy customer!

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