Sharing memories of childhood art experiences and the art journey

Ivan Jones first oil paints from the 1950's Windsor and Newton

Although there are hints about the childhood experiences that influenced my art journey elsewhere, I would like to share a bit more with you.

I had always been interested in art, even as a child, but really discovered my love for art at Junior School when I was asked to help paint the background of a float used in the local town's Coronation Parade. Opening all the tins of poster paint, seeing all the raw colour, mixing them and creating a scene on a grand scale was awesome.

Ivan Jones artist first oil paints 1950's


QUESTION - do you remember using something similar?

I then did A level art at 16 before going on to do Veterinary Science, as doing science was what was expected of me at that time. I well remember the A level art exam - I had to draw a still life, write an Edward Lear poem using calligraphy and do a paper on Georgian art and architecture. I still have a fondness for the Georgian period to this day.....

Ivan Jones artist first pastels 1950's


QUESTION - have you used pastels before?

I had been introduced to pastels in my teens, by a friend of my father’s, so after retirement in 1999 I took up the brush ( or in my case pastel pencil!) again. The friend of my father’s, Glyn, was a excellent artist and his use of pastels was an inspiration. I even have a few of his pastels left, after 60 years! I don’t use them, of course, as I consider them a nostalgic momento.

Ivan Jones artist portrait of his mother 1957 watercolour


After I retired we were living in Australia, looking after my wife’s mother, so I needed a medium that was not too messy. There was a fantastic art shop around the corner from her home in Melbourne with a huge range of pastels, so it seemed that fate had lead me back to them again. My first pieces of art were created in Australia including a portrait of my wife Cathy.....

Ivan Jones artist first pastel portrait after retirement wife Cathy 2000


When we returned in mid 2000 from Australia, we joined our local Rotary Club and one of the members there owned a framing shop and gallery. He displayed a few of my early pieces there and the first piece I sold was of Spanish coastal scene ( reference photo taken by my wife ).

Ivan Jones artist first pastel artwork sold in 2000


I sold a few more there and then, through contacts, was invited to exhibit in local galleries and exhibitions. You can see more of my recent exhibitions here.

I have a lot more childhood art stories to tell but I hope this brief history of my art journey until the year 2000 is of interest. Thanks for reading this far! 


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