Landscape of Achintrad boathouse, created in pastel, wins Honorable Mention award in art competitions

I like to enter a few art competitions a year as it allows me to share my artwork with an audience that may not have been exposed to my detailed and realistic style before. 

As mentioned in previous blogs I have won a number of awards and I am proud to share with you one I was awarded this month - an Honorable Mention in the Art Room Online Gallery's "Landscape Art Competition February 2021" 

Art Room online art gallery Landscapes Feb 2021

This pastel painting is of the Achintrad Boathouse in Scotland and was sold a number of years ago through to a buyer in the USA.

Boathouse at Achintrad Scotland. Pastel painting. Ivan Jones artist


As with most of my artworks it was created using soft pastel ( for the background ) and sharpened pastel pencils for the details. The paper I use is Artspectrum Colourfix pastel paper which has a slight sandpaper finish and holds on to the pastel to reduce "shedding". You can read more about the materials I use here.....

Landscapes Art Exhibition Feb 2021 Ivan Jones artist HM award

 You can see more of my landscapes that I have for sale here

 .....and this collage shows some of my previous awards. It is a real privilege to wins an art award in competitions. Have a great day and stay safe. Look forward to working with you soon. 👍🎨😊 

Previous awards won by Ivan Jones pastel artist

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