Pastel paintings of a deer and a landscape are purchased and delight new owners.

It is always a pleasure to sell artworks and when it is unexpected it is even more rewarding.

Recently I have sold this landscape "Sunset over the Canal" on the Artfinder website where I have some pastel artworks listed.

Sunset over the canal. Pastel artwork. Ivan Jones artist

This canal scene was purchased by a lady, Joan, whose partner has a boat on the canal in Yorkshire - the reference photo for this artwork was taken in Ripon.....It is not his birthday until April but she gave it to him early and this is the photo of the painting on their wall....

Sunset over the canal in owner's home. Ivan Jones pastel artist

This is Joan's response upon her partner receiving the painting: 

"Alan is delighted with it. He plans to take the printed picture you also included to his boat. His boat is a fishing boat not a barge but he keeps it in an inland marina and uses canals and rivers to travel on and occasionally get to the sea too. He has hung the painting in our living room and I have attached a few photos of where it is now. I am not a great photographer. I say that as it looks a bit wonky on the photos but it is definitely absolutely straight and perfectly hung in real life. We are both enjoying the picture so thank you again."



The other pastel painting to sell recently was this Whitetail Deer called "Can you see me?" A lady had seen this artwork on Ebay and purchased it from me.

Can you see me? Whitetail deer. Pastel art sold. Ivan Jones artist

"Hi Ivan,
Your wonderful picture arrived a day early and is utterly beautiful. I feel that if I stood looking at her long enough, this little deer might step closer to me. I love art that draws me in and for this I can only thank you.
I am happy for you to use the first line of this email for your website but if you want "more words" let me know. I am so pleased that they will come easily.
I have put the picture up but unfortunately one of the heavy ceiling beams in the room is casting an annoying shadow at the top of the frame. I will take more photos in different light tomorrow and send one to you.
I must also thank you for the addition of your lovely cards, they were an added surprise. I appreciate cards as I used to design and wholesale them!"

This is the design of the cards I enclosed. Every artwork I sell comes with 10 greetings cards and free UK delivery....

Greeting card, Can You See Me pastel painting Ivan Jones artist

I have since had a inquiry through my Facebook art page to purchase "Regal Partners" a large pastel painting of a lion and lioness. This has won an award and Vikki responded to a post of this art competition on December 1st 2020

Regal Partners. Lion and Lioness. Pastel art. Ivan Jones artist

This painting is still in Crickhowell, Wales at the Makers Gallery where it was exhibited during December 2020. When lockdown eases at the end of March 2021 then I will collect it and send to Vikki's home in the USA. More news to follow.....



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