A glimpse at the completed portrait commission of Heather

This portrait has taken quite a while to complete, from taking the photos at Heather's home in December to presenting the completed portrait to her this Tuesday ( February 5th ). This is the comparison with the portrait commission nearly complete.

Heather and reference photos Ivan Jones pastel artist

I am happy with the completed painting and I think she was too, though she said she has never liked photos of herself. Her husband was very happy with the likeness, however...here I am sharpening some pastel pencils....

Sharpening pastel pencils Ivan Jones pastel artist

Below is a collage of few "work in progress" photos. As usual I work on Artspectrum Colourfix paper using a variety of pastel pencils for the details and soft pastels for the background. See more of these sort of collages HERE.

Portrait pastel artwork in progress Ivan Jones artist

And the completed portrait is below. Enjoy your day!

 Heather completed portrait commission in pastel Ivan Jones artist

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