A lovely thank you letter from a very happy recipient of my pet portrait

Dear Ivan, and Cathy

I wanted to personally write to you to thank you so much for the exquisitely beautiful portrait of Liesl which was truly a special surprise.

She has been hung pride of place in my living room where myself as well as any guests can admire her, and always comment on how her personality has been captured in the picture.

You made it a very wonderfully memorable day with cups of tea, a delicious lunch and tours of your beautiful garden, and other artistic masterpieces, really did come as a total surprise.

Liesl was such a big part of my life, spending most of my working day and social weekend together, so it has given me a lot of comfort being able to see her face in the morning.

I am not usually a crier, as my family will tell you, but her portrait was so stunning that you managed to crack me! Thank you so much again for the wonderful memories.

With health and happiness, much love

Megan x  

You can read more about Liesl and her owner - a very happy recipient - on my WordPress blog

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