Balancing the creation of artwork with the promotion of artwork and with life in general!

It has been a busy few weeks with my Rotary commitments but I have managed to finish another kingfisher and nearly finished a woodpecker for my next exhibition at the Makers Mezzanine in September. Each artwork takes 25 to 30 hours so you can see why it is a slow process!

Woodpecker and kingfisher 2019 Ivan Jones pastel artist

It is always a bit of a pressured time in the summer because not only do I need to produce new work for H-art ( Herefordshire art week ) but also there are the commitments of the garden and so on. Getting the life balance is so important, as any artist will tell you.....there are lots of blogs on it

Ivan Jones picking tomatoes in the garden

But it is still enjoyable to create my detailed realistic artworks to exhibit, sell, commission, and share on social media. Pinterest and Instagram is a great way to see what subject matter appeals to others and hence help me decide what artwork to undertake next.....

Ivan Jones artist instagram page July 2019

The other thing I enjoy is sharing my "creation of artwork" techniques with others and hence my facebook page "Pastel Work in Progress" has quite a following. I also have posted some "Work in Progress" videos ( of varying quality ) on my YouTube channel

Ivan Jones artist YouTube channel

So until my next update, I hope you enjoy your day, whatever you are doing, and catch up soon! 

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