Delighted to share awards received for floral artwork from a recent art competition

It is not often I undertake pastel paintings of flowers, but a few years ago I created a series of artworks on the floral theme. These included a marigold, waterlily, orchid, rose and dahlia.  

Flowers pastel artworks by Ivan Jones artist

 When the Light Space Time art gallery undertook a Botanicals art competition I thought it was entering two of my better floral artworks, the waterlily and the moth orchid......

I was very pleased to discover early this month that I had been awarded a prize for each pastel artwork - an Award of Merit ( one of 60 artists ) for the moth orchid and an award of special recognition ( one of 100 artists ) for the waterlily. This is not too shabby given there were 844 entries in total!

These are my entries for your interest.......

Ivan Jones Moth Orchid pastel painting  Award of special merit to Ivan Jones pastel artist

Ivan Jones Waterlily Reflections pastel painting Ivan Jones special recognition Waterlily pastel painting

Have a great day, maybe consider purchasing the waterlily ( see link above ) and catch up soon!  

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