Happy customers pleased to share photos, and their smiles, of artworks in their homes

It is a difficult time for everyone, as communities go on lock-down and we all try to find things to keep us busy and sane.

During this time I am reassessing some of my older work, and try to see why they have not sold ( is the frame? the mount? Do they need more highlights? lighter background? ) With this waterlily below ( original on the left, revamped one on the right ) the changes are subtle - increased highlights on the petals and underneath of the leaves, and increased contrast on the tops of the leaves. 

Waterlily reflections enhancements Ivan Jones pastel artist

So I am working on updating these pastel artworks, as well as my working on my current commission - an olive tree.....

 Olive tree commission artwork in progress Ivan Jones pastel artist

In the meantime I am pleased to be able to share with you some of the artworks and commissions as seen in the owners homes. I have added a video ( which you will have seen ) on my homepage which is here:

If you can't see this video of happy customers then the link is here.....

In addition I would like to share two more artworks with you in one home. 

Running hare on the wall at the Greenan's home Ivan Jones pastel artist 

My first hare portrait in situ at the Greenan's home

Elephant in the dust pastel artwork in situ Ivan Jones artist

This is my "Elephant in the Dust" pastel artwork, also at the Greenan's home.

So that is it for now. I hope you are taking care of yourselves and we will catch up soon......hopefully with a completed olive tree to share with you!


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