It's all about delightful duckling artworks today!

It has been a busy month, with the recent exhibition now complete and planning for the next one during Herefordshire (H-art) week in September at the Makers Mezzanine in Whitney on Wye. I have completed one new work and have started a woodpecker but more on these soon....

Great spotted woodpecker pastel artwork in progress Ivan Jones

One thing that I found interesting was when a friend came to see me at the exhibition when I was stewarding an expressed an interest in the duckling pastel artwork that I had for sale. 

Duckling 2019 pastel painting Ivan Jones

She asked if I could create a greetings card for her and I said that I had created 5 ducklings (4 of which have sold ) over the past few years so which one did she want a card made from? It got me thinking of those delightful creatures and so I sent her images of the 5 to chose from.....I also posted them to my Instagram page and have had lots of nice comments....

Ducklings posted to Ivan Jones pastel artist instagram feed

In the end she chose two ducklings and the wife Cath made two cards of each to send her....nice memories and I know I will create another pastel painting of these appealing creatures in the not too distant future......




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