Proud to win more art awards for two detailed and realistic pastel artworks

I was very pleased to be contacted this week by two online galleries to say that two of my artworks have been chosen for awards. It is always a boost when an independent judging panel view my detailed pastel artworks as special. 

The first award was from the Artroom Gallery Online, who gave Herefordshire Autumn Sunbeams an Honourable Mention award in their International "Seasons" art competition for March 2021. 

Honourable Mention Art award Seasons art competition. Ivan Jones pastel artist

This is the artwork as displayed in the Artroom Gallery online exhibition:

Autumn Sunbeams award winner by Ivan Jones pastel artist

The second award was from the Artists and Illustrators magazine for my Harvest Hare pastel painting, which is currently available to purchaseHarvest Hare Artists and Illustrators Pastel Editors Pick. Ivan Jones artist

This artwork, of a young hare bounding through a field, was chosen as one of six pastel artworks to be awarded "Editors Pick Pastel" by the magazine. 

It is always an honour to have independent bodies judging one's artworks as worthy of an award and, as mentioned in previous posts, I have been privileged now to have received fifteen such awards. Ten of the awarded paintings are below with the hare above making the final one. 

The award winning pastel artworks of Ivan Jones artist

But enough boasting, it is time for me to get back to my current artwork, a Scottish landscape then start on my next commission, a portrait of Chris Labinjo and Mary Nkire. Stay safe and catch up soon!  



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