Sneak a peek at how I created this striking kingfisher artwork

Now that I have completed this kingfisher ( from a reference photo by Ian Marshall ) I can show you a bit more about how I created it, following on from my previous post.....

After the first wing is completed I started building up the background. I experiment with colours in corner of the paper ( which as usual is Artspectrum Colourfix ) and here I using my fingers to blend the background and make a smooth surface to build up the layers....

Experimenting with colours kingfisher

Blending background kingfisher

I alternate between adding details to the kingfisher and adding background....this stops me smudging the work and as you see I also turn the paper around to allow the pastel to drop off can see this in a short video I have created. You can view this on my Facebook page or my Instagram feed.....I hope you find it interesting! 

These are examples of the polystyrene pencils you can see me using in this video.....and here I am adding layers and detail with a pastel pencil. 

Polystyrene shaped for blending pastel

Using pastel pencils on kingfisher background

I next start work on the branch and I am very pleased how it turned out. I started simply by adding the outline, then working from left to right, adding layers of pastel using different shades of colour until the branch was complete. 

Adding the branch to the kingfisher painting 

The finishing touches are completing the background, signing the painting and framing it - here I am cutting mountboard with a mount cutter to fit into the chosen frame......

 Cutting a mount for the kingfisher frame

....and here is the completed painting "The next catch"....A striking kingfisher artwork in pastel. Have a great day!

The completed kingfisher "The next catch"


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