The award winning lion pastel painting "Regal Partners" finds a happy home

You may recall that I was delighted when "Regal Partners" won two awards recently - one for Artist of the Month  and the other an Honorable Mention in the Grey Cube gallery Nature art competition for March 2021

Ivan Jones artist of the month Artlist FB page

Honorable Mention Grey Cube Nature 2021 for "Regal Partners" pastel artwork Ivan Jones Artist

When I posted these lions to my Facebook art page on the first of December, explaining that they had won second place in's "Artist of the Month" ( see above photo ) I had a lot of positive feedback.

As I said in that post "This is a real favourite of mine - it is the largest size I do ( 50cm by 70cm ) and as usual it was created using soft pastel ( for the background ) and pastel pencils ( for the details ) on Artspectrum Colourfix paper."

One of the comments was from Vikki who lives in Connecticut who asked if Regal Partners was for sale. After a few weeks of communication Vikki and I agreed a price for the artwork and for courier delivery to the USA. 

As it was only my second time sending artworks to the US, the first being through for a Scottish landscape, it was a big learning curve. However, after phoning Customs in the US, I confirmed that the artwork would have no import duty added and I found a courier who collected the packaged artwork from me. This is the packed painting ready to go: 

Regal Partners wrapped and ready for courier collection April 2021

I was very pleased when the courier ( who used DHL) confirmed despatch on the Monday from Birmingham to arrive on the Wednesday in Connecticut. I was able to track the parcel too and see where it was on the way to the US. It was a great relief to see it had cleared customs and had arrived at Vikki's home by the Wednesday afternoon....

And this is how Vikki responded to the receipt of the painting: 

"I’m literally blown away with magnificent piece. You are truly gifted.
Let me begin by saying ....the way it was packaged was unbelievable...insuring it’s safety every step of the way
The posting on FB didn’t even do it the justice it deserves....I’m thrilled
I have a safari sitting room off of my family room...the room has been waiting for the “Regal Partners”!
Regal Partners in new home. Pastel artwork of lions. Ivan Jones artist
Ivan....your work is magnificent. I’m so proud to have your work in my home
I love the way you framed them. I’m picky about frames but you did a beautiful job
Regal Partners in new home. Pastel artwork of lions. Close up. Ivan Jones artist 2
I will treasure this piece for as long as I live and my daughter will be the recipient after I’m gone"

Many thanks to Vikki for your very kind comments and I am delighted that these lions have found a happy home. I am also very pleased that the time I spent on packaging the painting ( which was framed with glass ) meant it arrived intact.....

So if you read to the end of this post and want to buy one of my detailed pastel artworks then you can be assured of the best quality of painting, of packaging and of courier delivery. Very reassuring! Hear from you soon...  


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