The starting point for my latest artwork - a badger.....

It is always difficult to find a topic to write about, when the commission I have just completed is a surprise gift and I have only just decided what my next artwork will be. You can see part of the pet portrait, as I was working on it, on YouTube and in a recent blog......

Paying attention to details pet dog portrait commission Ivan Jones pastel artist

However, having refreshed this website ( following advice from the Shopify team and my second cousin in Australia ) I feel I should update you on my latest progress. 

Having looked at a range of popular subject matter ( hares, robins, woodpeckers, hedgehogs, kingfishers ) which sell well, I have decided to do.....a badger! This reference photo was available on ( although I do use Pinterest, Flickr and iStock photos as well, as long as I get the photographers permission) and it was something a little different. I have cropped it here but will use the full image.....Cropped badger reference photographer Kyslynskyy Ivan Jones pastel artist

I am not happy with the exact tree trunk so have sourced some beech tree trunks as reference. So I will keep you appraised of my progress of this latest artwork......This is my starting point...... 

Badger in the beeches Day 1 in progress Ivan Jones pastel artist

Don't forget I am still available to undertake something unique, for someone special to you, for Christmas. In the meantime I will enjoy the badger and the family portrait commission I have in the pipeline and catch up soon! 

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