Thinking of Christmas and the best way to promote portrait commissions

As Christmas approaches (far too rapidly!), and as I complete my current pet portrait commission, ( which is a surprise gift ) I have been thinking about gifts to my family and what would be special. As usual I come up with the possibility of a commission and that makes me think "why not promote my commission work and my availability to undertake them".

 Attention to detail Ivan Jones pastel artist pet portrait commission

With two commissions in the pipeline but no pressure on either I have put together a collage of my pet portrait work for posting on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. Depending on the response I will post elsewhere too.....What do you think of it?

Ivan Jones pastel artist pet portrait promotion Christmas 2019

Before I posted this, I went to my Instagram friends to get feedback which was very useful as you will see in my feed....other artists allowed me to finetune the collage from this one below to the one above....very helpful and shows the power of social media....

Ivan Jones pastel artist pet portrait commission draft 1

I also was inspired to use Facebook more by an artist I met at the British Ironworks Museum called Lee Morgan who uses an airbrushing technique. Lee gave me some tips as to how to increase my FB followers and I will share those with you in a future post, once I have decided how to best utilise them.....So have a great day and if you want a commission done, you know who to ask! 😁

 Ivan Jones pastel artist dog portrait commission poster

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