This striking artwork of Ludlow wows judges, and social media, in the City Art Show competition.

I was very pleased to be notified late last week that "Broad Street in the Rain" was awarded third place in the Grey Cube Gallery's City Art Show June 2021. As there were 110 entries worldwide I feel particularly honoured to receive this award, one of the best placed art awards I have received.....

Ivan Jones Third Place City Art Show June 2021 Grey Cube Gallery

This pastel artwork was commissioned by friends Vic and Gill who had seen a previous city artwork of mine. This was based on a photograph from an unknown photographer of New York on a rainy day.

New York on a rainy day. Pastel artwork by Ivan Jones artist

Cath and I went to Ludlow on a rainy morning at dawn to take the photos of Broad Street. I am the person with the umbrella ( Cath took a few different photos of me ) and I removed the cars for the painting. I also slightly enhanced the window lighting, which was already there, and the reflections, but only slightly!

Broad Street, Ludlow, in the rain. Commissioned artwork. Ivan Jones pastel artist

I am happy to say that Vic and Gill were very happy with the completed artwork ( as usual it was created with soft pastel and pastel pencils on Artspectrum Colourfix pastel paper ) and it has pride of place on their wall....

This is the certificate I received for the award, to be proudly displayed! 

Ivan Jones Third Place City Art Show June 2021 Grey Cube Gallery award

You can see more of my award winning artworks here......

In the meantime, I am in the middle of another portrait commission of two brothers.....why not consider me for a special and unique gift of a commission for your special someone in your life. See more here and have a great day! 

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