I have an exciting partnership with Aramoana Gifts in New Zealand for a series of greeting cards.

Hello and hope all is well? It is a busy time for me as I continue to have requests for commissions, as well as trying to keep on top of my social media posts. This is my current commission for your interest..... 

Savannah and Tiana, artwork in progress, Ivan Jones pastel artist

My latest news is I am excited to be partnering with Aramoana Gifts in New Zealand for their greeting cards series. I have had a card company Woodmansterne use one of my artworks for Christmas a few years ago...... 

Donkeys in snow Woodmansterne cards Ivan Jones pastel artist

I first met the owner Tracey Aramoana five years ago in a Facebook group she was running for creatives, helping out with art marketing and social media posts. She was the one who gave me confidence to share my detailed pastel artwork widely.

A week ago she approached me saying: 

"Kia ora Ivan, I hope all is well. With you both I have been following your beautiful art with great interest I apologise for inviting you to our gift store - after all we are half way across the world lol but then I was wondering if there was a way that we could stock your Christmas print cards? Thanks again, Tracey"

With my agreement and after consultation with her team they decided that kingfishers would come first, with a selection to put to their customers for them to choose their favourite. 

Kingfisher paintings for Aramoana Gifts created by Ivan Jones pastel artist

The above were four of the six kingfishers I have completed in the past - and one of those six is still available for purchase from my artwork shop...... 

So which one would you choose from these pastel artworks I have created? So far, as of today Thursday October 8th the score stands at A 18, B 16, C 18 and D 14 What do you think? Please your thoughts in the comments below, if you have a chance - many thanks!

I am very proud to have this exciting partnership with Aramoana Gifts and you can see more of their gifts on their facebook page as well as their website.

Thanks again for your thoughts, stay safe and catch up soon 🙏🎨🦆🤔😁

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