Have a peek at my latest completed portrait commission

Following on from my last update "Day One..." I can now reveal part of the completed portrait commission - Roxy. The rest of the portrait will have to wait to a future date as it is a surprise for the owner's daughter....

If you recall, I took the photos in December at the owner's home to undertake two commissions, one I posted recently of the owner and the other of her and Roxy. 

As with most of my work these days I use a range of pastel pencils for the details on Artspectrum Colourfix paper with Artspectrum soft pastels for the background. Below are a few "work in progress" photos.....

Artwork in progress in pastel of portrait commission

I took the completed artwork across to the owner yesterday and I am delighted to say that she was very pleased with the completed portrait.....Portrait commission detailed pastel artwork completed

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