This commissioned pet portrait is much admired by both the owner and on social media

I was approached by Trixie Morgan in the autumn of 2020 to undertake a portrait, of her husband David's favourite working spaniel Bonzo, for his 70th birthday just before Christmas. 

As Bonzo lives within an hour from our home in Wigmore, we felt the best way to get an high-quality reference image was to take our own photographs. He was the perfect model and I was very happy with the reference photos we obtained.....this is the start of the creation with the reference photo by the side of the painting.

End of day 1 of portrait creation with reference photo. Ivan Jones pastel artist

I worked over the next 8 days, creating layers of pastel using, largely, pastel pencils on my favourite Artspectrum Colourfix paper. You can see the end of each day's progress in the slideshow at the end of this blog....

After framing the completed pet portrait it was presented to David on December 2nd and he was absolutely delighted with the painting, as were all the family.

Bonzo pet portrait completed close up Ivan Jones pastel artist

I have subsequently posted this commissioned pet portrait to Instagram and Facebook and it has had a lot of positive comments which is rewarding.  This is another "artwork in progress" view with reference photo......

Bonzo pet portrait with reference photo. Ivan Jones pastel artist

So why not consider commissioning me to undertake a portrait of someone special in your life, whether they be human, dog, cat, bird or horse. The prices for framed portraits including delivery in the UK can be seen HERE.

 In the meantime stay safe and take good care - we'll catch up soon!  

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