Working on my "Just Real Art" exhibition - excited for Saturday!

Hello there! Hope all is good with you.

I am panicking a bit, as we will be setting up the art exhibition this afternoon for when it starts Saturday December 1st.

My wife Cath has snapped me labelling paintings and I am also tidying up older works, resealing the backs and so on. This is my latest artwork for the exhibition. 

Robin in full voice "Singing his heart out" Ivan Jones pastel artist

Cath's printer ran out of ink yesterday but I think it will be sorted before Saturday - lots to do, not enough hours in the day! 

Come and see this delightful hidden gem of a gallery "Old Stables Gallery" at the Leominster TIC in Corn Square HR6 8YP.

Just Real Art by Ivan Jones. You won't regret it!

Leominster Tourist Office HR68YP Ivan Jones pastel artist art exhibition      Just Real Art exhibition Ivan Jones pastel artist

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