Videos of the creation of some of Ivan's artworks


You can see a number of videos of me creating my pastel artworks on my YouTube channel. They cover the range of techniques I utilise and all illustrate the attention to detail I pay to each artwork. The quality is not brilliant but hopefully you will find them of interest? More to come soon! 
Ivan Jones pastel artist YouTube channel
This is one of the latest videos of the creation of my current commission, uploaded May 12th 2020 - cat called Loki.  
If you can't see this creation video of Loki then the link to it is here......
I also have a Facebook page called Pastel Work in Progress that shares some hints and tips with you
Pastel work in progress. Facebook. Ivan Jones artist
And remember my blogs also chat about my art techniques as well as other arty matters! So have fun exploring and have a great day! 
Ivan Jones screenshot latest news page