My latest Christmas commission - just a glimpse!

Hello there. Hope you are good today? It is definitely wintery here this afternoon.....

I have just completed this Christmas commission and this is a photo of me working on the hairs of her face using a sharpened pastel pencil. She is a lovely lurcher but quite camera shy so the best reference photo we took was when she was in her owner's arms.

Pet portrait commission reference photo Ivan Jones pastel artist

I am happy with how she turned out - I will post her as soon as she is in the arms of the owner's wife!

If this inspires you to consider a commission from me, why not consider a Christmas Gift Card? I can send out a card to someone special with your promise of a commission for them - what a wonderful gift and such a surprise! 

But hurry as the last posting day first class is nearly here! Enjoy your day and catch up before the Big Day! Oh yes, you can contact me here....


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