Excited to add the "Live Preview" to my website catalog - see my artworks in your home!

UPDATE - this Live Preview option has a few teething problems so please be patient when using.....many thanks!

For a long time I have been admiring websites that have various types of "augmented reality" which allows you to see items in context, in 3D and so on. 

I have also seen many other sorts of "art-selling" websites and the option to see artworks in context, has been a major draw for me as I imagine for others.

But finally I have been given the chance to add a "live preview" option to my artwork catalog and I have added it to 18 of my detailed pastel artworks. The others will follow in due course - I have to photograph them in their frames and some are at the Sable and Hogg gallery currently.

As the app developer of "Picture It" says:

Picture It allows your shoppers to snap a picture on their phone, upload from their computer, or preview "live" (augmented reality) what a product you sell will look like in their space. They can evaluate whether it matches colors, will "fit" in terms of sizing, and more. When a shopper uses Picture It to preview a product, they're given the option to add that product to their cart or download/save the image to their device for further consideration. 

This is great for you! If you go to the catalog and chose an artwork that has "LIVE PREVIEW available" then you will have the option to see that artwork in one of 6 preset rooms. 

High rise accommodation Live Preview options Ivan Jones artist

High rise accommodation Live preview room 2 Ivan Jones artist

High rise accommodation Live preview room 3 Ivan Jones artist

Or you can download a photo of your room and view the framed artwork in your own setting. 

There are options to enlarge or reduce size depending on the frame size. You can also add you own room dimensions to better visualise how the artwork and frame will fit in with your room and furniture. 

This ( amateurish ) video will give you an idea of how it works.......

I hope you enjoy playing with this Live Preview feature, see my artworks in your home, and maybe even consider purchasing one of my unique and detailed pastel artworks to cherish forever..... 

Have a great day and catch up soon.....I am always here if you have an questions or concerns! 


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