A successful exhibition and a study of human behaviour.....

It has been a busy two weeks as I have flitted between catching up with the garden and house necessities, stewarding at the "Out of the Hills" art exhibition and starting on my next piece of artwork ( see below ) The exhibition ended on Saturday 16th......

Kingfisher artwork Ivan Jones in progress

I have been pleased with the outcome of the exhibition, given the current economic climate - I ended up selling two paintings and three prints as well as 30 cards. Not bad at all, though the venue does take 30% commission, but that is to be expected in this day and age. 

Paintings sold during Out of the Hills art exhibition Ivan Jones

A big advantage of stewarding at exhibitions is being able to meet people. There have been 11 different styles of art at "Out of the Hills" including woodwork, pottery and glassware as well as mixed media, oils, abstract, realistic and impressionistic styles. Watching people as the move around the space, and seeing what attracts them is an insight into, encourages the study of human behaviour! 

Preview of Out of the Hills art exhibition June 2019

I have had the opportunity to chat to many people, not only about my artwork but to hear their thoughts on the exhibition as a whole and they have all been positive. Chatting to the two people who bought my paintings was interesting too, hearing what attracted them to the works. Realism is not everyone's cup of tea but those who do like "Just Real Art" are very appreciative of the work that is involved in getting the detail I enjoy creating....A very enjoyable two weeks and thanks to everyone who came along!  


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