Choosing colours of pastel for my latest striking seascape

I thought you might find of interest one of the stepping stones towards a completed artwork - the choice of colours.

Initial selection of pastel pencils Ivan Jones artist

Once the reference photo is chosen then the next choices are paper colour ( my paper of choice is Artspectrum Colourfix paper ) and pastel colour. I am lucky to have accumulated a wide range of soft pastels and pastel pencils over the past 19 years and this provides me with a good variety of subtle shades. 

Searching for colours of soft pastel for artwork Ivan Jones artist

I experiment with these shades on the paper I have chosen - the background colour will be influenced by the paper colour. For example, the lions required a different coloured paper compared to this seascape.  

Experimenting with pastel colours on Artspectrum Ivan Jones artist Colourfix paper

As I progress I keep checking, experimenting and comparing the colours with the reference photo ( taken by Steve Carter ) to get the best result and this is the procedure I undertake with all my artworks.

Final selections of pastel pencils and seascape nearly complete Ivan Jones artist

Rest assured you will be the first to see this striking seascape completed later in the week. Enjoy your day!  

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