New pastel artwork completed for my next exhibition in June 2019

As I continue to actively promote this website and my pasatel artwork that is for sale here, I also am working on artworks for my next art exhibition. This exhibition is called "Out of the Hills" and runs between the 1st and 16th of June at Aardvark Books in Brampton Bryan, Shropshire. 

Aardvark books venue Ivan Jones pastel artist

Having sold my first nuthatch in 2017 I thought another nuthatch may be a popular choice for my next pastel artwork. I sourced a reference photograph by Erik de Rijk from

Nuthatch WIP with reference photo by Erik De Rijk Ivan Jones pastel artist

This is me at work on the nuthatch using a pastel pencil to add texture to the feathers. Such lovely birds that we rarely see here, living as we do with fields all around. They love peanut feeders in wooded gardens...a very special visitor. 

Nuthatch pastel artwork in progress Ivan Jones artist

This pastel painting will be for sale at Out of the Hills so see you there in June! 


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