Sharing a video of a completed pet portrait commission with the owner in Kent

Hope all is well with you today and that you are keeping yourself safe and healthy.

I was delighted to be asked to undertake a commission of this beautiful cat Loki who had sadly passed away too young. 

The owner Greg had found me on a website called "My Art Brief" which pairs artists who undertake commissions and people who want commissions undertaken. Greg chose me specifically of all the artists available on the site and I was flattered. ( you can see Greg's response to the completed artwork HERE and below)

When Greg sent me the photos he wanted me to work from I was pleased because they were good quality and detailed. We chatted online about coat colour and Greg sent me a few more photos before we settled on the best reference photo. We also discussed painting and frame size.

 Loki reference photos commission Ivan Jones pastel artist

 You can see videos of me at work on the commission on my Instagram feed.....

Ivan Jones pastel artist on Instagram May 2020

Once the commission was complete, I had a problem - usually I ask the owner to come to my home to see the completed work and suggest any minor changes if needed. However, as Greg lives in Kent this was not possible so what to do?

After some thought my wife Cath and I came up with the idea of a video, not only of the completed portrait but also of me mounting, framing and packaging the painting. And here it is.....I am doing a voice-over speaking to Greg but if you can ignore that you can see the care I take both before, during and after creation and framing. If this video does not run then have a look here.

If you can't see this video of me packing up Loki then the link is here.....

So why not consider purchasing or commissioning a painting from me. With my detailed and realistic art, and my care and attention to the little things you can be sure that you will not regret your decision!

But in the meantime, take good care, stay safe and catch up soon. 🎨😁


One of our young cats had very sadly recently been killed and I wanted something unique to remember him by as he was very special to us. After reviewing a few artists and their work, I came across Ivan Jones. I am so glad I did. Ivan has been amazing. Firstly, a really nice and genuinely kind man, an amazing artist, he has provided us with a magical forever memory with the painting he has produced. Ivan kept me posted throughout and even shared some videos of the work as it progressed. Ivan consulted with me at key stages to ensure I got exactly what I wanted. The painting is amazing and it was very well packaged and delivered by courier. I have had a great experience using the web-site and commissioned a wonderful artist. I can highly recommend Ivan and I will be commissioning further works with him in the future.  

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