This completed pet portrait delights his owner and many of his friends

I was first approached by a friend, to create a portrait of his son-in-law's dog, back before lockdown that started in March 2020. 
It was not until April this year that I was finally able to meet the delightful, and well-behaved, Dennis to take his photo - well, over 100 of them to be exact! The morning started off dull and drizzly but after a while the sun came out - perfect. 
Once I had completed the photos, learned more about Dennis and his owner Matthew, and observed his behaviour, I selected the best of the photos ( 10 of them ) to send to Matthew for his feedback. He chose the one that I eventually used for the portrait of Dennis....  
I like to take multiple photos as it allows the owner and myself to choose the one that exactly shows the personality and character of the dog ( or cat or person.....) In this case it also allowed me to capture Dennis both in dull light and in sunlight (you can see the difference below ) - the latter shows off the highlights and texture of the fur....
Reference photos of Dennis used for pet portrait by Ivan Jones pastel artist
Using these reference photos I was able to work on this portrait over the following month until it was completed at the end of May 2021. You can see some of the "work in progress" photos below and on my Instagram and Facebook pages, where there are details of my thought processes, as well as "work in progress" videos.....  
Day 1 Dennis's eyes and reference photo
Dennis eyes Day 1 with reference photo. Pet portrait commission .Ivan Jones pastel artist
Dennis pet portrait Work in progress collage day 2,3,5 Ivan Jones artist
Dennis pet portrait Work in progress collage day 6,7,8 Ivan Jones artist
His owner Matthew came to see the portrait on Saturday and brought Dennis with him - he was exploring everywhere but when he had settled down I was able to examine his eyes in detail. As a result of that I have added a bit more depth to them in his portrait using pastel pencils. That is the advantage of seeing the subject of a portrait rather than completely relying on a photograph..... 
Dennis pet portrait. Pastel artwork by Ivan Jones artist
I also suggested a white frame ( I had it in a gold one when they visited ) so I have reframed it with high quality glass and, with the added highlights to Dennis's eyes, the portrait now looks perfect. So I am just waiting for Matthew to collect the painting and hopefully he will be as happy as I am.....and with his greeting cards too! 
Dennis pet portrait greeting card Ivan Jones artist

So if you too would like a special pet portrait like Dennis - with greeting cards - then please get in touch! 

My details are here.....

or contact me directly via "CAN I HELP?"


In the meantime stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day.

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