Working on my first commissioned portrait for 2019...

I have hit the ground running for the New Year. Having completed the Christmas gift commissions, I am working on the first of four commissions for 2019 with a few more in the pipeline. 

Recent commissions 2018 Ivan Jones pastel artist

Heather, my current portrait, contacted me after I was recommended to her. My wife Cath and I went to visit Heather at her home and took a large number of photographs until we had one that appealed to her and to me. These are just a sample.....

Reference photos taken for portrait commission Ivan Jones pastel artist

We have found it takes a while for people to relax and not feel self-conscious about being photographed. I remember a commissioned portrait I did in the summer of "Brian" - it took nearly 100 photos and lunch at ours before we got the perfect point in having a posed one from a studio! But we enjoy the experience and the outcome too!

Previous portrait commission "Brian" Ivan Jones pastel artist

I will be posting the completed portrait of Heather soon and possibly a video of creating her eyes for those artists of you...Enjoy your day!  

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