Delighted to sell a kingfisher painting on the first day of my current exhibition

It is always a challenge, when setting up an exhibition, to decide which pieces of artwork to exhibit. I have got to know that woodpeckers, ducklings and kingfishers always sell, so I try to include one of each in any display. Kingfishers are iconic but difficult to catch a glimpse of in real life, so maybe that explains their popularity?

Bird art previously sold Ivan Jones pastel paintings

And so it has proved so far with the current "Out of the Hills" art exhibition at Aardvark Books, where I am one of 11 artists on display. On the first day of the exhibition, which was Saturday June 1st, I was very pleased to sell my latest kingfisher painting, as well as two giclee prints of (wait for it...) a duckling and of two donkeys....

Ivan Jones pastel artist paintings Out of the Hills June 2019

There is now just under two weeks until this exhibition finishes ( Sunday June 16th ) and I am pleased to be helping out with stewarding in the this Thursday afternoon June 6th, and then the afternoons of Friday June 14th and Saturday June 15th. Maybe I'll see you there? If not enjoy your day and catch up soon! 

 Out of the Hills 2019 Ivan Jones in foreground



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