I am interviewed by Dave Nevue as a Featured Artist

I am always interested in finding out more about art marketing and how to increase my exposure across all my social media platforms and my wife Cathy helps me in this. It is hard to balance the PR aspect with art creation but with Cathy as my "manager" it helps enormously.

Ivan Jones Art Linktree social media

I discovered Dave Nevue on my art marketing journey on both Pinterest and Twitter. His depth of knowledge and wide range of articles on art marketing make for very interesting reading - you can see more on his website Nevue Fine Art Marketing.

Ivan Jones Art interview Nevue FIne Art

When Dave offered to interview artists, I jumped at the chance. Dave sent me a range of questions and I hope you find the answers to them of interest, including my childhood inspirations, art experiences, art techniques and more. I also had a chance to explain the story behind three of my favourite pastel paintings which are below.....

Ivan Jones favourite pastel paintings Nevue interview

So thank you Dave for spending the time with me and I look forward to reading more from you over the coming months. And I hope that others do the same! 


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