Reviews from happy customers

These are some of the reviews from happy customers:

Response to lion artwork sent to the USA April 2021

I’m literally blown away with magnificent piece. You are truly gifted.
Let me begin by saying ....the way it was packaged was unbelievable, insuring it’s safety every step of the way. Ivan....your work is magnificent. I’m so proud to have your work in my home!

Response to portrait commission July 2020

Hi Ivan, Thank you so much again for the great work. She absolutely loved it and so did her growing army of "mini me"s LOL. So much so that she’s like an other piece with the children this time. Many thanks again and I'll be in touch. Chris Labinjo

Response to pet portrait commission May 2020

Hi Ivan, My wife absolutely loved the portrait and was very emotional. Well done and it’s exactly what I wanted. You have created something amazing from something which only a few weeks ago was horrendous for us. I can’t thank you enough. Greg

Response to a family portrait commission February 2020

Thank you so much for our wonderful portrait picture Ivan. You have achieved, to our delight, just what we wanted including an obvious emotional connection of us and the dogs. With many thanks! Gilli and John Nicolson 

From my artwork catalog Latest review - January 2020

Ivan's talent of producing an almost photographic image using pastels is simply amazing. He seems able to do landscapes, characters and animals equally well, capturing the very essence of the subject matter.

From my facebook page UPDATED MAY 2020

"Ivan always captures the essence of the piece, be it flora or fauna..and his subtle shadings and details make for a piece to get lost in...the perfect mixture of talent and technician" Jini Foster

"It's just great talent nothing else to say, the work speaks." Saul Rosenberg 

"What a talented artist Ivan is! I am sure that his knowledge as a vet has helped him to portray animals beautifully" Gill Harnett

From Linked In post UPDATED MARCH 2021

"Always love Ivan's work. You have to look twice and ask yourself is that really achieved by pastels?! Amazing!!" Paul Cooper-James

"Congratulations! Well deserved art awards. I love both paintings but the autumnal scene reminds me of living in New England and watching the leaves change colors. That particular piece gave me goosebumps as I gazed at such incredible details! Which is a hallmark of your work - the reality you create, so vivid and realistic, it’s hard not to fall into a rabbit hole for the viewers, who want to find more of the splendid art you create!" Marie Martin, Artist

From my blog

"As the honoured recipient, I am so delighted with the picture, the attention to detail is impressive and I love it. Now I have a stunning picture of my pride and joy in the lounge."

"Thank you so much for the exquisitely beautiful portrait of Liesl....she is hung in pride of place in my living room" 

"Barry was delighted with his picture and, as I did, shed a tear. He couldn’t get over the detail and how well you had captured her essence." 

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