Waterlily reflections in frame. Ivan Jones Pastel Artist
Waterlily reflections. Ivan Jones Pastel Artist
Waterlily reflections. Detail of signature. Ivan Jones Pastel Artist
Waterlily reflections. Framed on wall. Ivan Jones Pastel Artist

Waterlily and it's pond reflection

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Frame dimension 16 inches by 20 inches

Waterlilies are such unique flowers, with their wide range of colours and shades, beautiful leaves and memories of Monet's paintings in Giverny. I can never hope to match Monet's artwork but I am very happy how this waterlily, using a reference photo from an unknown photographer, emerged from my studio! 

This waterlily and its pond reflection was created with soft pastel for the background, and pastel pencils for the petals and details. The paper have I used is Artspectrum Colourfix. The sharpened pencils create the detail and the background is blended using polystyrene sticks to give the three dimensional effect to the completed painting. You can see a short video of it's creation below.

This artwork has been much admired on social media and is the perfect size for your wall, with the painting being 9.5 inch wide and 12 inch high - in it's white frame it's dimensions are 16 inch by 20 inch.

This painting is delivered free by courier and is covered by insurance and a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not happy. There is more about our shipping policy HERE...

If you can't see this creation video then the link to it is here......